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"My Walk In Tub is very comfortable and it allows me to bathe every day. I feel refreshed every morning."

- Clara, Charlotte, NC

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How to get a walk in tub through the VA Hospital and HISA Grants
Remain Active Walk In Tubs is listed on the goverment's CCR approved vendors database and has helped provide walk in tubs to Veterans through the Home Improvement Structural Alterations Program (HISA).
The process for obtaining a HISA grant can be tedious, but in our experience the VA Medical Center goes out of their way to assist Veterans in getting the walk in bathtub or handicap tub  they need and deserve!

A HISA grant is available for both service-connected veterans and nonservice-connected veterans. A grant will cover up to $4,100 in home improvement benefits for service-connected Veterans and up to $1,200 may be provided for nonservice-connected Veterans. In most cases a Veteran is able to purchase a walk in tub and have the tub installed with very little money out of pocket.

The HISA grant program is available to Veterans who have received a medical determination indicating that improvements and structural alterations are necessary or appropriate for the effective and economical treatment of his/her disability. A veteran may receive a HISA grant and either a Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant or a Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant.  In several instances a  walk in tub or handicap tub has been  purchased and installed through the funding of a HISA grant.
Steps to getting a walk in tub or handicap tub through the VA
  • #1 Obtain a prescription from a VA or fee-basis physician. The prescription must include:
  • Specific items required
  • The diagnosis with medical justification
  • The Veteran's name, address, SSN and phone number(s)
  • #2 Submit a completed VA form 10-0103
  • #3 Quotes from at least 3 licensed contractors- however, one bid may be sufficient as long as it is documented and accepted by HISA as a sole source. Remain Active Walk In Tubs has been accepted as a sole source and is happy to provide you a full estimate for installation and tub purchase (in some areas).
  • #4 Provide a picture of the work site prior to construction
 For more information on a walk in tubs, a handicap tub or to receive a free written estimate or sales quote please contact our office.  

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